Déardaoin, Bealtaine 08, 2008

Is Kathy Sinnott Ireland’s Ron Paul?

Ron Paul has become a sensation in the U.S by honestly speaking out against Government corruption, surveillance, against war, against Gov taxing life savings (inflation by printing money) and he has become a beacon for freedom on a scale which the people have not felt in decades. Not surprisingly he broke the historical political records by raising over six million dollars in one day for his 2008 presidential campaign.

Looking through MEP Kathy Sinnott’s past debates we can see a lot of similarities to Ron Paul by her openly and honestly speaking her mind in favour of the people instead of spewing out political spin in favour of global corporations and ‘big brother’ schemes. Kathy Sinnott is a diamond among the rough, unfortunately there are a lot of ‘rough’ who don’t do their jobs (serve the people).

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Michael P. Mc Crory. said...

It is certainly true about Ron Paul being a sensation here in the United States but a sensation that the media are systematically disparaging -- that is if they even mention him at all. I would say that elderly as he is he is high on the International Bankers Hit List.
They know he is on to them.
Other so called upright, pro family pro Christian figures ,here , are being shown up for what they really are for playing along with this media black-out of a truly honest man in politics , Ron Paul.
It proves the strangle - thold these truly evil ,evil , men have on this great country -- Ireland too for that matter. Be grateful in deed for the Kathy Sinnott's of Ireland.
We owe them so much for being willing to take the hits for
the rest of us.