Déardaoin, Eanáir 17, 2008

Paul campaign hopes to attract Upstate voters with blimp

GREENVILLE - The campaign for Republican presidential hopeful Ron Paul will get some skyward publicity this week in the form of a massive blimp with campaign banners adorning each side.

The blimp will launch from Greenville and fly over that city, along with Clemson, Anderson and Spartanburg, this week. Since Paul, a Texas representative, will be in Spartanburg tonight for a local GOP event, the blimp's backers hope to adjust the itinerary to fly over this city in conjunction with his appearance.

The airship's schedule is ultimately at the mercy of the weather, which could keep it grounded early today. But anyone who is outside between now and this state's GOP primary Saturday has a chance of seeing it pass overhead.

The blimp is one of several nontraditional campaign tactics in support of Paul and his libertarian-leaning message. The candidate repeatedly emphasizes a less-involved foreign policy, abolition of the IRS and Department of Education, and a return to the gold standard.

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