Dé Céadaoin, Eanáir 16, 2008

Ron Paul in for Long Haul With Martin Luther King Day Money Bomb Planned

Ron Paul supporters will not be daunted. Despite less than exciting finishes in both Iowa and New Hampshire, the Ron Paul supporters march on. Once again another "money bomb" is being set in motion. This time it is planned for Martin Luther King Jr. day on January 21st. It will be doubtful that they can break another record and top the last record they set of just over six million dollars, but with this bunch, one never knows.

Once again, the event is being planned entirely by grassroots activists. No one person is in charge. No one person developed the idea. This comes simply from the supporters who are not letting go of the dream of a Ron Paul Presidency.

Even though only two races out of fifty have been held, and even though that represents less than one half of one per cent, a lot of people are ready to write Ron Paul off. Well, I can tell you this, the Ron Paul supporters in general will not be voting for any other candidate. Once people have had a taste of freedom and liberty, they cannot go back. Only a smattering of Ron Paul supporters would be caught dead voting for another Republican. It would be really interesting to see what would happen if he did decide to make a third party bid.

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