Dé Máirt, Nollaig 18, 2007

Ron Paul's Interviews with MSM today

I have seen three interviews with Ron Paul today.

The first was live on Fox and Friends. I thought Ron looked a little tired but he gave the usual good, common sense answers during the interview. For a show titled Fox and FRIENDS I felt the interviewers were anything but friendly in their style of questioning and their manner.

Next up was CNN. Much better interview. Sound questions, great answers, good discussion of topics that will catch the interest of potential voters. If you visit YOUTUBE to watch the interview check out the 6 minute video instead of the 5:34 version. RP fans will love it.

Third interview that I saw was with Morning Joe on MSNBC. This was my favourite of the three. Friendly and fair, plenty of time given, many topics of interest covered. Overall the interview was done in a warm atmosphere. Ron shines throughout. The ending is worth waiting for in this one too so watch the full version.

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