Dé Luain, Nollaig 17, 2007

Excellent answer on CNN website

Here’s my question to you: If Ron Paul can raise more than $6 million in one day, how come he’s not higher in the polls? FROM: JACK CAFFERTY CNN

If Dr. Paul had one half of the free media coverage of the “usual suspects”, he’d already be running away with this thing. By every other objective measure Ron Paul is king.

Most Straw Poll wins - check
Most candidate signs - check
Most meetup groups/members - check
Most online poll wins - check
Most attendance at rally - check
Most money - check that one today

I have never been one of those conspiracy minded folks, but I may have to reevaluate that after this election cycle. The Republican machine should be trumpeting this huge news of beating Kerry (D)’s fundraising record - especially considering how broke the GOP is.

(The above answer to Jack Cafferty on CNN was sent by someone called Rick. Thought it was a great answer, hope Rick whoever you are does not mind me reprinting it here).

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